Knowing when to give up and when to stick with it!

Knowing when to give up and when to stick with it!

When to keep going and when to move on is probably one of the hardest things in life to know.

Perseverance and grit in my opinion are the keys to achieving success in any field you're in. We also face doubt but somehow always find a way to keep going. Being successful in business, learning something new, or even building a relationship, sticking with it is probably the most critical behaviour to have.

But saying never give up isn't always the best advice to give. In my experience and the people I work with give up all the time, these are the successful ones. If something isn't right or not working, why would you want to repeat it? You've got to see what's wrong, fix it, and make the change.

From my experience, and observation you need both strategies. At times you may be full of confidence and don't stop other times you stop when things aren't working and try something new. But how do you know when to do this?

James Clear illustrates the 3 strategies of failure which can help answer this. I've also used this to get clarification by breaking down the challenges for both myself and my clients.

  • Failure of Tactics - This is how the mistakes happen, you may forget to measure your tasks, become complacent, and start to lack in detail.
  • Failure of Strategy - This is what mistakes are happening like is your strategy not providing the results you want. What is making this happen?
  • Failure of Vision - This is why mistakes are happening do you have blurred vision and the direction isn't giving you the fulfilment you intend.

So how do you fix it?

1. Record your process
2. Measure your outcomes
3. Review and adjust your tactics

1. Launch it quickly
2. Do it cheaply
3. Revise it rapidly

1. Take stock of your life
2. Determine your non-negotiable
3. Navigate criticism

Image created by James Clear.

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