5 Questions To Let Go Of Past Pain

There was a time when the pain was something I struggled to overcome. It took me years of finding and trying different methods to get over the pain I thought I was causing my present state to be affected. The struggle was real.

You may have heard the old saying “holding a grudge against someone is the equivalent of drinking poison and hoping for them to die.” So while performance coaching usually doesn’t involve going back to the past like therapy, counselling, or maybe even life coaching would. I was holding on to something that was hindering my future performance.

That's when I discovered and made the decision I need to do some work on this.

So I discovered as part of my coaching sessions questions that helped me let go of the past pain and increase my future performance.

Since then I haven't looked back and strived forward every day.

Here are the questions I asked to use which will help you overcome the same:

5 Questions To Let Go Of Past Pain:

  1. Why have I held on to this?
  2. What are your reasons for choosing to hold on to this past pain?
  3. What would happen if I chose to let go of this and free myself?
  4. What freedom will this give you on the other side?
  5. And finally, ask yourself why are you determined to let this go today?

These questions are there for a reason, take your time in answering them, be honest with yourself, and let me know how you got on.

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