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From being Furloughed to not wasting a minute.

From being Furloughed to not wasting a minute. Leveraging the time and creating new opportunities. Why not? Sounds selfish maybe, but if you’ve got self-trust then nothing should stop you. I didn’t just sit there; I knew I had a purpose which was initially a passion I realised I possessed. It wasn’t only about me. I took the time to learn and seek how I help others realise they also have a purpose and ultimately can live a healthier fulfilling life! I created FixUpMyLife - it’s exactly what it says on the tin and I’m exactly what you’ll get to help you FixUp. Using my own life experiences and struggles throughout the years I want to give back and share exactly what I did to overcome them and how I became the person I am through simple yet effective strategies and techniques I have used and developed along the way. Yes, I’ve been through it, divorced, then remarried and became a stepfather to an outstanding stepdaughter, then to be told I had cancer, broke the news to my