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How Do I Cope With Redundancy Emotionally?

It’s not easy, if it was, I’d be lying. BUT there is a solution to it all which will leave you driven and determined more than you were before you started reading this.  I was told my job was at risk back in February 2020, it made no sense to me why my role was at risk. I was in a pretty senior role and was making all the difference in the organisation I was hired to do. So I kept thinking why me and not them?   The whole world hit with a pandemic (COVID-19) nearly everyone was asked to work from home and it all seemed like the working from home taboo was becoming a reality to organisations and quite normal to do. But I kept constantly questioning why me?   I was in week 3 of working from home and the government introduced the Furlough scheme for employers to take advantage of. Within days I was informed the consultation period was now on hold and I will be furloughed. I went into panic mode, thinking the job is at risk, with potentially being made redundant to now having my income red