Don't Let The Visions Of Optimum Keep You From Getting Started!

When we set our sights on anything, whether it's in business or developing a healthier habit, it’s so easy to look at someone who’s has this covered and then we try to reverse energy the strategy.

This is pretty useful in some cases because learning from other experiences and seeing how they have been successful helps elevate you and you learn.

What we don’t tend to remind ourselves is that those systems, habits, and strategies may not be what you need right now to start.

Comparing yourself to what others are doing and have been successful in is great to learn from but can also create doubt in yourself from getting started at all. Remember they have gone through this and now are at their optimum state which doesn’t mean you are there but you can get there, in the right way. You may not need to buy all the resources they have or even be in the position to afford it.

So think do you need this now, and what can you do to just get you started for you to get there.

I recall when I started my business, I was looking at all the cool websites, with great logos, did I have this no? I spent a lot of time looking at what works for me, when all I needed was a single page with the most important detail, I was sending out. So I created a single page and it worked for me. Now I’m in the position to develop this as my business grew.

Having a healthier way of living, eating right. Did I need to buy the premium quality foods for this? No, I just needed to get myself in the right direction, rather than getting caught up in all the detail. Starting small, keeping it simple allowed me to realise that there is time for me to be at my optimum level because it will take time.

How often do we think we need to get things in order before we take action?

You see how other businesses are successful, they may have the best software in use. Do you need this to get started probably not? You’re starting a podcast, and have the essential equipment, do you need the best probably not, you could make it work without the latest tech.

Having this obsession about the ultimate strategy can prevent you from getting involved and doing the hard work.

Those that know me, I’m all about improvement, starting small, making things simple yet effective.

So, don't let the visions of optimum keep you from getting started.

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